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Short Film | Currently in Festivals

Cafe Sarajevo

Talk to Talk

Digital Storytelling | 2018

Cafe Sarajevo

See the Circus

Theatre | In Development

Cafe Sarajevo

Cafe Sarajevo

Performance | 2018

Liquid Terror Space Camp

Liquid Terror Space Camp

Performance | In Development

Tuesdays & Sundays

Theatre | 2016

Tale of a Town Kincardine

Digital Storytelling | 2015

It Comes in Waves

Performance | 2017

The Ghost Ship

Theatre | 2015


Mariel is an actor, creator and producer based in Toronto Ontario. She is the co-founder of Sundown Theatre (Kincardine Ontario) and is an associate artist with bluemouth inc. (Toronto/ Brooklyn). Cover Photo by @banshee Union: CAEA

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Mariel is thrilled to have designed and developed digital content for a number of great companies, artists and projects including:

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